Little Pup Lodge Philosophy

The Little Pup Lodge Philosophy is the foundation for creating a place for dog lovers, like Kelly, who want the best for their best friend. We believe:

  • A loving caregiver is always present. Most importantly, small dogs need companionship in order to thrive.
  • Small dogs sleep indoors, wherever they are accustomed to sleeping, even in bed with the caregiver.
  • The caregiver understands the special needs of small dogs – they  chill easily, don’t like the rain, and do best with a structured routine, to name just a few.
  • Small dogs need other playmates to romp with during the day and – for safety – with dogs of similar size.
  • The caregiver allows a limited number of dogs at any one time to ensure all dogs get plenty of attention as well as appropriate supervision.
  • Small dogs need stimulation and will not be stuck inside or outside for the duration of their stay, but are taken on excursions and interact with the caregiver.
  • Small dogs need the occasional treat, but small bellies need healthy, high-quality, nutrition-packed bites.

Our Story

Small dogs have specific needs. This was never more apparent to Kelly than when her first small dog came into her life. Beloved Oliver was the most precious thing to her. She often avoided travel or social activities because she couldn’t stand the thought of him being alone, sad, or frightened. The only options she had were boarding facilities in which dogs were confined for long periods of time to kennels or cages, or a pet sitter who visited briefly once or twice a day. Both options were out of the question.

The Original Little Pup Oliver
The Original Little Pup Oliver

So what would the ideal place be for Oliver? For Kelly? Kelly came up with a list that described a place where Oliver would be safe and happy, and where she would be at ease and confidence about his care. This list became the Little Pup Lodge Philosophy.