The Fabulist Tale of Bugsy

The fabulist tale of Bugsy begins in Africa, a very big continent far, far away. His mom told him they were going on a vacation—she called it a “safari” —where they would see wild animals like zebras and giraffes and elephants and many more. Bugsy knew about those creatures from watching shows on Animal Planet, […]

The Fabulist Tale of Mork and Mindy

The fabulist tale of Mork and Mindy begins in Europe, a very big continent with many countries. Mork and his dad decided to go on an adventure so they flew overseas to visit them all.They wandered through England’s royal palace and rode a gondolier clear to the top of the Swiss Alps. Mork watched as […]

The Fabulist Tale of Jess

The fabulist tale of Jess begins in Portland, Oregon. She lived in a giant store that sold televisions and watched shows on the giant screens. She liked the ones where animals played or people cooked delicious meals. Best of all were the shows where families decorated their homes. She liked those the best because Jess […]

The Fabulist Tale of Liam

  The fabulist tale of Liam begins in the green grasses and rolling hills of Ireland. Sheep are everywhere and their wool is prized for the finest yarn. Liam had watched a herd in the nearby pasture since he was a puppy. He loved to watch the sheep as they wandered about to graze on […]

Time to Say Goodbye

All of us moms and dads of fur babies know that there will inevitably, as Andrea Bocelli so beautifully sings, a time to say goodbye. Having been in this business almost 12 years, I have shared the heartbreak of owners when I learn that dogs who have visited me for years or even months have […]

The Fabulist Tale of Maddie

  The fabulist tale of Maddie begins on a sunny beach in Florida.  Maddie was a beautiful Boykin spaniel who loved nothing more than to go out on the ocean with her human. Day after day, Maddie’s mom would take her kayak into the water and when it was deep enough, the two would jump […]

Put Barryland on That Bucket List!

Barryland. All St. Bernard owners, perhaps all dog owners, should put Barryland on that bucket list. Located in the small town Martigny at the base of the Swiss Alps, it’s a museum dedicated to St. Bernard dogs and features history, art, films and of course, an awesome gift shop. The museum is named in honor […]

Off Leashers: Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

Perhaps human nature has always been this way: blame the cop who issues a ticket to one who drives 80 in a 40mph zone. The teacher who has it in for the parent’s child even with documented instances of misbehavior. And people who walk their dogs off leash who feel unfairly targeted by those hired […]

Dog Boarding Safety: Who Can You Trust?

Vacationers increasingly search for alternatives to kenneling their dogs while on vacation. In response, “Uber”-model businesses like Wag and Rover have exploded to meet the demand. These online companies promise to match dog lovers looking to make a little extra money with dog owners who need someone to watch their pet. With so many strangers competing for […]

Care and Kindness Towards Animals

Rescue organizations have been around awhile, but the concept of care and kindness towards animals goes back quite a bit further, as evidenced by Proverbs 12:10: “The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the evil are cruel.” The first legal code for animal protection in America was recorded […]