The Fabulist Tale of Benny and Eleanor

The fabulist tale of Benny and Eleanor begins in New Orleans, where they pranced and danced in Mardi Gras’ biggest parade. They saw each other as one of the floats passed by and knew they were destined to become best friends. An odd pair, those two; tiny Benny with long golden ears and stately Eleanor, […]

The Fabulist Tale of Lucy

The fabulist tale of Lucy begins in Hollywood, the most glamorous city in all the world. She spent her days and nights in a big lot where television and movies were made. The famous movie stars all knew Lucy and made sure there were bowls of food and water left out for her. Lucy slept […]

The Fabulist Tale of Mac and Abbey

  The Fabulist Tale of Mac and Abbey begins almost one thousand years ago in the village of Assisi. Along with the birds and rabbits and deer and honey bees, Mac and Abbey gathered every morning around a man they knew as Francis. Everyone in the forest loved him because Francis so dearly loved them […]