The History and Future of the Santa Cruz SPCA

Santa Cruz has been fortunate to have our SPCA since 1938, when it was founded by Dr. Charles Edward Graves, the county’s first small-animal veterinarian.   A Bit of History In the past 20 years or so, there’s been some confusion over the difference between the SPCA and Santa Cruz Animal Shelter. That’s understandable. First, […]

Animal Rescue, Hoarding or Cruelty?

As a dog lover, I have the utmost respect for most animal rescue organizations. They rely on foster families, which are always hard to find. They make sure the dogs are treated for any health problems and vaccinated before being put up for adoption. Organizations like Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, CAPE (Center for Animal […]

Tags Up To Date?

Have you looked at your dog tag lately? Your dog’s, actually. Having had hundreds of guests visit Little Pup Lodge over the years, I’ve noticed the following fails with identification info: Engraved name tags with name and phone number worn off.  It happens over time and not the kind of thing a guardian would notice, […]