The Fabulist Tale of Bugsy

The fabulist tale of Bugsy begins in Africa, a very big continent far, far away.

His mom told him they were going on a vacation—she called it a “safari” —where they would see wild animals like zebras and giraffes and elephants and many more. Bugsy knew about those creatures from watching shows on Animal Planet, but the little dog could not believe he would actually meet them in real life.  He could hardly wait!

When the big day finally arrived, Bugsy and his mom got on a plane and 16 hours later they landed in a very hot, very crowded city. Their safari leader was waiting and away they went! Bugsy and his mom were soon being driven  through enormous plains dotted with only a few trees here and there.  Eventually they reached a big tent where they would be staying each night so Bugsy helped his mom put their belongings away.

Bugsy, his mom and three other people climbed into a jeep and off they ventured on to  the first day’s adventure. There wasn’t much to see at first but then out of nowhere a group of elephants walked by with enormous tusks and swinging their trunks back and forth. Bugsy had never seen such a big animal in his life!

The group drove on and this time they saw a herd of zebras. Suddenly Bugsy saw a lion moving stealthily towards the group. As soon as the zebras saw him they ran away as fast as they could but there was one who didn’t.  It was a zebra momma and her baby that was still learning to walk so she refused to leave without him.

As the lion got closer to the two zebras, who were now very scared, Bugsy knew he had to do something. So he jumped out of the jeep and ran to the momma and its baby. Bugsy’s mom kept calling him to come back but instead, Bugsy  stood in front of the zebras and faced the approaching lion. Although he was at least ten times larger than Bugsy and had huge teeth and sharp nails, the lion stopped and stared at this strange little beast. He had never seen a dog and did not know what to do. He thought about it and then turned around and walked away. The zebra and her baby were safe so off they went to join their herd.

Bugsy trotted back to the open door of the jeep and jumped on his mom’s lap. She cried with joy because her precious fur baby was safe but also because she was so proud of him she could burst!

The safari continued its journey for several days and many miles.  Bugsy saw giraffes with their impossibly long necks and hippos and rhinos that were cooling off as they lay submerged in watering holes.

Every time the group drove through a village, all the people came out and cheered when the jeep came to a stop. Everyone had heard of the brave dog who faced down a dangerous lion and won. Villagers took Bugsy’s picture and newspapers from all over Africa wanted to interview him (even though they couldn’t understand what Bugsy was saying).

And that is the tale of Bugsy, the most courageous dog in the world!

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