The Fabulist Tale of Mork and Mindy

The fabulist tale of Mork and Mindy begins in Europe, a very big continent with many countries.

Mork and his dad decided to go on an adventure so they flew overseas to visit them all.They wandered through England’s royal palace and rode a gondolier clear to the top of the Swiss Alps. Mork watched as Holland’s windmills went round and round and he romped through that country’s tulip fields that stretched longer than the eye could see. Mork loved his dad dearly but sometimes wondered how nice it would be for someone to share all the sights and saw all the beauty the same way he did. He was very sensitive (as all dogs are) and knew his dad felt the same way.

Mork’s dad saved the best for last: Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Some people call it the City of Light. But many others think of Paris as the City of Love. He told Mork the French treated their dogs better than anywhere else. And his dad was right: they were everywhere! The dogs and their people went to museums and strolled down the Champs Elysses, the most famous boulevard in the world, sometimes wearing diamonds and jewels. Mork joined them as they romped and played in the Tuleries garden.  Dogs were even allowed to visit the Eiffel Tower!

So Mork and his dad went to the famous tower, got in the elevator with other dogs and their people and then rose clear to the top. Mork and his Dad looked out huge windows and the whole beautiful city lay before them. Out of the corner of his eye, Mork saw a pretty dog that was just his size. He looked closer and his heart skipped a beat. Her mom was also very pretty, which his dad noticed. Mork barked softly and his dad smiled at the nice lady. The two humans moved closer and began to talk so Mork and Mindy (which he later learned was her name) also talked in their own way and found out how much they had in common. She and her mom also traveled the world and Mindy admitted that she, too, was lonely and wished for another pup to share her adventures.

Mork and Mindy’s parents left together and went to one of the fanciest restaurants in the city where and just like everywhere else, dogs were welcome. Like the grownups, Mork and Mindy were seated at a table that had linen tablecloths and candles and sterling silver knives and forks. Mork didn’t know what the humans ate, but he and Mindy ordered steak, which arrived in little pieces so they could practice their table manners.

Mork and his dad had planned to stay just a few days in Paris, but the days stretched into weeks. The four got together practically every day and the more Mork got to know Mindy the more he realized that Paris really was the City of Love because this was where he found the most perfect pup in the world.

Although Mindy’s mom lived in Maine, she and Mindy boarded the plane with Mork and his dad and flew to their home in San Francisco. Not long after, their mom and dad had a fancy wedding and guess what? Mork and Mindy got married too!

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