The Fabulist Tale of Jess

The fabulist tale of Jess begins in Portland, Oregon.

She lived in a giant store that sold televisions and watched shows on the giant screens. She liked the ones where animals played or people cooked delicious meals. Best of all were the shows where families decorated their homes. She liked those the best because Jess wished she was part of someone’s family. One day, she trotted by one of the giant televisions that always showed sports. Jess didn’t like sports because it always looked like the people were mean to each other. But this time, she saw dogs pulling sleds in the snow. Jess discovered her dream right then and there: she would go to Alaska and be a sled dog! She would make sure the team she chose would win.

Jess walked all the way to Alaska and found a famous dogsled race called the Iditarod, pronounced eye-DID-ah-rod. She was very, very cold until a nice man wrapped her in a very thick parka, just the right size. Cookie then trotted over to the dogs, Siberian Huskies with thick silver fur and six times bigger than her. They seemed excited about the race so she knew it must be fun. Jess asked Starlight, the biggest Huskie, how she could join the team and Starlight sent her over to the sled driver. The driver, who was the same man who wrapped her so warmly in a parka, found a little basket and put it on the handlebars of his sled. Jess jumped right in! When the bell rang, the sled practically flew, it went so fast. And sure enough, her team reached the finish line before all the others. The sled driver knew it was because of Jess so he took her to his warm home to live with him and his family. And every year, Jess would ride in her basket and every year her team won!

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