The Fabulist Tale of Liam


The fabulist tale of Liam begins in the green grasses and rolling hills of Ireland. Sheep are
everywhere and their wool is prized for the finest yarn. Liam had watched a herd in the nearby
pasture since he was a puppy. He loved to watch the sheep as they wandered about to graze on
the lush grass and the lambs as they played and frolicked in the fields. But no matter how much
they were enjoying themselves, the sheep obediently trotted to their barn at the end of the day
when the sheepherding dogs told them to. The sheepherders didn’t actually talk, but instead
circled the herd and nipped at their heels until all of the sheep trotted away out of Liam’s sight.
As Liam grew up, he dreamed of working as a sheepherder, too. The dogs had the power to
move almost a hundred sheep where they needed to go, all seemingly without effort. But Liam
did not look like a sheepherder. Unfortunately, he looked like a sheep. His mom said he would
never be a sheepherder and his dad said the same thing. All of Liam’s friends laughed at the

But Liam refused to give up. He went to the sheep’s owner and barked but the farmer did not
understand and shooed him away. But Liam persisted and returned every day and each time
the farmer said, “Go home!”

Finally, the farmer seemed to understand what Liam had been trying to tell him and he had a
brilliant idea. Because Liam looked like a wooly sheep, what if the little dog joined the farmer’s
herd and helped the other dogs that way? He would lead the sheep to the barn and the
sheepherders would follow behind.

Liam’s dream came true and he was the proudest dog in Ireland!

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