Time to Say Goodbye

All of us moms and dads of fur babies know that there will inevitably, as Andrea Bocelli so beautifully sings, a time to say goodbye.

Having been in this business almost 12 years, I have shared the heartbreak of owners when I learn that dogs who have visited me for years or even months have crossed the rainbow bridge.

I would like to honor and acknowledge those who have passed away in 2019.



Abbey was deaf and almost blind, so being in a new place was a struggle for her. Fortunately, she had her big brother Mac who constantly stayed by her side. Mac’s dedication to Abbey’s welfare was one of the most heartwarming things I’ve observed. It saddens me that Abbey only visited twice before she was gone but I am grateful for the short time I knew her.



Eddie was just a mess of nerves for his first few visits but eventually learned he was in a place where he would get hugs and kisses all day. Eddie loved to be carried around on his back like a baby and perhaps his favorite time of the day was when it was time for lights out and he would climb up the ramp to my bed and curl up next to my pillow. He was one of the rare dogs I was able to say goodbye to before he was to be put to sleep the next day. I thank his mom for that opportunity.



Forest was almost white as snow. Like all Chihuahuas, he loved his lap time. Forest was an elder to the pack and felt no need to join in when the rest of the gang started barking. I thought of Forest as stately but also a bundle of love and he always joined the other Chihuahuas under the covers when it was bedtime. He, along with those others, guaranteed I would never get cold at night.



Dachsunds never fail to entertain me and Frank was no different. He had this adorable wiggle that just cracked me up every time I watched him walk away. Frank was always accompanied by his sidekick Lola and, like every dachshund that has visited, the two would “burrito” up with the blankets. They were not content to just go under, Frank and Lola had to make sure they were wrapped up tight, just like a burrito. 



As one of the dogs who came to visit the longest, I watched Kia grow up. Her family went though some hard times but it never affected Kia when she came to visit. She seemed to be smiling all the time and I don’t think I have any pictures where she wasn’t. Kia stayed more of often with my colleague Lanette as she moved into her senior years and developed health problems. I was grateful my friend was there because with an average of six guests at any one time, I could not have given Kia the care she needed. 



A tiny blonde Chihuahua, Martini stole my heart from her very first visit. I would often joke with her mom when she came to pick her up that Martini was welcome to stay here forever. Her mom knew I meant it and ended up putting me in her will as Martini’s permanent caregiver if anything should happen to her. Her mom sent me a card with a painting of Martini on the cover. The artist captured her eyes perfectly.

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