The Fabulist Tale of Maddie


The fabulist tale of Maddie begins on a sunny beach in Florida. 

Maddie was a beautiful Boykin spaniel who loved nothing more than to go out on the ocean with her human. Day after day, Maddie’s mom would take her kayak into the water and when it was deep enough, the two would jump in. Maddie sat in the very front of the kayak with her bright yellow life jacket on and as her mom rowed, the breeze would ruffle the spaniel’s long brown ears. They would stay out for an hour or so and saw dolphins and otters and sea lions and one time, they even saw a giant whale!

One day as the two were out on the water, a sudden wind came up. Maddie’s mom paddled to shore as quickly as she could but before they could reach it, the kayak tipped over and both were tossed into the water. Her mom clung to the side of their little boat while Maddie swam as fast as she could to the shore and she started to bark as soon as her paws touched the sand. People gathered around because they knew the spaniel came out of the water by herself and they couldn’t see any humans nearby. But one looked out to sea and saw a little speck. He knew it was Maddie’s human so he jumped into his motorboat and before you knew it, she was safe on the boat and heading back to her fur baby.

Once on shore, Maddie’s mom hugged and cried and kissed her precious one while everyone surrounding them clapped and cheered. Because she was so strong and brave and smart they asked Maddie if she would like to be an official lifeguard. Maddie barked, which meant yes, so her mom took off the yellow life jacket and put a bright red one on her that said “lifeguard.” And ever since then, Maddie was known as the hero dog!



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