The Fabulist Tale of Lucy

The fabulist tale of Lucy begins in Hollywood, the most glamorous city in all the world.

She spent her days and nights in a big lot where television and movies were made. The famous movie stars all knew Lucy and made sure there were bowls of food and water left out for her. Lucy slept in a room that no one used where a soft bed waited for her when it was time to go to sleep.

Lucy often watched the actors as they performed on different stages. Sometimes the men would dress up as cowboys and ride past on horses, or dress as knights in shining armor and pretend to fight each other with swords. Women in beautiful gowns walked by and even children showed up to play their parts. They petted Lucy and rubbed her belly, which she loved most of all.

Lucy’s favorite show was about a Cuban bandleader who was married to a very funny redheaded lady. At least Lucy thought she must have been funny because the audience laughed at almost everything she said. The handsome man often said, “Lucy, you got some ‘splaining to do!” But the line Lucy waited for every day was when he walked through the door, put his hat on a hook and said loudly, “Lucy, I’m home!” The redheaded lady would come out of the kitchen or wherever she was and give him a big hug.

One day, the husband came home and said again, “Lucy, I’m home!” The little dog could not contain herself anymore. When she heard her name, she ran onto the set and jumped in his arms.

He was surprised, but then started laughing. The audience laughed, too. His wife came out, looked at the two and said, “I think our house needs two Lucys.”

She went home with them and became famous herself for now, too, she was on television! 

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