Dog Names: A Rose By Any Other Name

Little Pup Lodger Rose
Fluffy little Rose is just as sweet by any name.

Shakespeare wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  He must have been talking about dogs, no matter their dog names.

As dogs became domesticated, 20,000 to 40,000 years ago, chances are that early homo sapiens didn’t use much of their limited brain power to think up names. But, who knows? Maybe cavemen whistled for Urg, Grunt or Arrgh to join them around the fire. 

What were some of the dog monikers throughout the millennia? We do know that dogs were bestowed names during the Roman Empire. Issa (Her Little Ladyship), Oresitrophos (Mountaineer), Skylax (Puppy) and Pamphagos  (Voracious) joined a long list. And Craugis (Yapper) was ahead of the trend sharing the bed with his owner.

Pet names like Ringwood, Nameless, Holdfast and Noisewise show up in historical records from medieval times

Seventeenth century names got really weird: Drunkard, Wanton and, in an early nod to Jay-Z, Rapper.

By the 19th century,  dogs kept as pets began to spread from royalty to the middle class.  They also responded to dog names we recognize today: Spot, Fido, Gunner and Nero.

Today, I could set the most delectable table with guests that have visited Little Pup Lodge. Soda, Cake, Cookie, Waffles, Oreo, Snickers, Coco, Candy, Hops (must have some ale) and Honey would attend. For a balanced diet, Fig and Zook (for Zucchini) would be there, too. Rose, Daisy, Lilly and Ivy would decorate the festivities. 

Little Pup Lodge has also seen its share of unusual dog names: Colona, Giggles, Luna and—perhaps my favorite—Robert-Short-For-Bob.

Whether a Little Pup Lodger has an unusual name or not, virtually every guest gets a nickname: Willy (Wonka), Sam (I Am), and Georgie (Porgie). Sometimes the nickname comes with a song: Duke (of Earl) and Finnegan (Begin Again). You get the drift.

Little Pup Lodger Finnegan
Finnegan, aka Begin Again, enjoys his custom nickname and listening to the related song.

Contact me to find out what your pup’s nickname and/or song is. It will be sweet, I promise.

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